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Roller doors, garage, blinds, rolex Marios Rolex - Visibility: Sublibox® + Visiolux® extruded slat


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Visibility: Sublibox® + Visiolux® extruded slat

An innovative design that permits maximum visibility from the inside with diminished solar radiation from the outside without losing privacy.

• Sublibox formed by 4 extruded aluminium walls, filled with isolating polyethylene foam and sealed by watertight rubber joints. This structure obtains best possible results in acoustic isolations tests, as well as in tests for water sealing and wind resistance. Sublibox is presented with several registration covers, traight, curved or double-angled, adapting to all aesthetic needs.

• Extruded aluminium slat Visiolux, with possibilities to roll up inwards or outwards, thanks to its special design perforations permits complete visibility from the inside, blocking direct sunlight when the angle of the sun surpasses 18º. Its innovative aesthetics, with a mere 10 mm total coverage, and its smart design, facilitate integration into modern and up-to-date architectural spaces. In spite of the apparent weakness of the slats, they present maximum wind-charge resistance, which turns it into solid and secure choice. 


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